Showrunner exits Alan Wake TV show adaptation

Wake me from this nightmare

30 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Back in early May, we learned that the Alan Wake TV show adaptation was making some headway, and it seemed like things were going well. Now roughly a month and a half later, the show is both going forward and facing setbacks.

On the negative side of things, the Alan Wake TV show has already lost its showrunner. Peter Calloway (“Cloak & Dagger,” “Legion”) had to step away from the project, but at least it wasn’t due to disagreements or turmoil behind the scenes. Calloway had to bow out of the project due to timeline issues.

On the positive side of things, Jon Jashni, former president of Legendary Entertainment, and Jeff Ludwig, former vice president of scripted film and television production for Ritchie/Wigram Productions, have joined the drama as executive producer and producer. That said, the team is still looking to land a new showrunner.

Hopefully this is just a minor setback for the Alan Wake TV show, as I really believe the game’s premise would make for a perfect TV adaptation. Couple that with the fact that the show is set to debut on AMC, and I think there’s a real recipe for success here. Unfortunately, I think the loss of Calloway is a tough one. As stated above, Calloway was involved with Legion as a producer, and I enjoyed that show immensely. Having someone from that show work on Alan Wake would have been ideal, as the sensibilities and style of Legion could have lent themselves very well to the universe of Alan Wake.

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