Fire Emblem Heroes has generated $1 billion in lifetime global player spending

Fire Emblem fans apparently love to spend money!

30 June 2022
by nintendojam 1

Free-to-play mobile games may be free, but they sure do generate tons of cash due to in-app purchases. As reported by Sensor Tower, Fire Emblem Heroes has grossed over $1 billion dollars in lifetime global player spending. This makes up 54.5% of Nintendo’s total mobile revenue, with none of their other mobile titles coming close. Mario Kart Tour is the second highest ranked in global player spending, and even such a recognizable IP only ranked in a total of $282 million, which is barely over a quarter of Fire Emblem Heroes.

What’s even crazier, is that despite Fire Emblem Heroes accounting for an overwhelming majority of earnings, it’s only the 4th most downloaded Nintendo mobile game, surpassed by Super Mario Run (310.7m), Mario Kart Tour (227.2m), and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (65.4m). Fire Emblem Heroes has only reached 17.8 million installs since its launch in early 2017, which is low in comparison.

Check out a rundown of the all-time global player spending in Nintendo mobile games via Sensor Tower below, and check out more information on Fire Emblem Heroes sales by clicking over.


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2y ago

This is why we can't have nice things :(

When you're Nintendo and you're planning your next game, are you going to make another Super Mario Run or another Fire Emblem Heroes? When the Free To Play model brings in over 11 times more money (potentially even for less initial effort), why wouldn't you go for the free to play?

I hate that this model works.