Publisher Feardemic and developer KovalGames have announced that DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure is now available on Switch. The game is normally priced at $10, but you can get it for $9 for a limited time, thanks to a launch discount. DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure takes up 293 MB of space.

Hope you’re not afraid of the dark because you’re about to embark on a truly shadowy adventure to help Kira discover the forgotten secrets of humanity and all that from the comfort of your bed.

You’ll accompany Kira on her exploration of over 100 shadowy levels of an ancient dungeon and platform your way through trap-laden stages to uncover the dark, forgotten secrets of humanity. The twist? After 60 seconds the lights go out, so you have to hurry and collect 3 power cells to unlock the exit. Did we mention that some levels are underwater mazes? Stay vigilant, you wouldn’t want the screen to go dark in those, now would you?

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