Late last month, Niantic revealed Campfire, a companion app for all of Niantic’s projects. Campfire is a social application for the real-world metaverse that weaves together Niantic games to help players discover new people, places and experiences. In other words, both Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom players can take advantage of this app’s features.

Campfire lets trainers find other players in their local area, message one another and share content, organize their own events and meetups, and foster relationships. Niantic said the plan was to launch Campfire in Summer 2022, and they weren’t kidding. As of today, Niantic has started the rollout for Campfire.

Over the next few days, Niantic will be sharing more details on how to get in Campfire, which will start with select groups of Pokémon GO players as the Summer rolls on. Niantic will be letting players know when Campfire opportunities open up via their social media channels.

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