Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition is getting a sizable update sometime in Summer 2022. We don’t know the exact date that this patch will drop, but we do have all the details on what to expect. Check out the official notes on what’s to come below.

  • Highly challenging Nightmare Dungeons will be added to Quest Mode!
  • New Egg Machines: Heroine 2, Dragon & Legendary Hero, and Pixel are coming!
  • More Avatars and teams, Custom Mode parts, and Awakening Badges are being added, as well as a whole bunch of achievements with a free Egg Machine use reward!
  • New Helper Feature! You can add players you’ve played against in PvP mode as your “Helpers.” Use your Helpers’ Avatars and Awakening Badges in Quest Mode and Custom - Mode battles to complete dungeons more easily!
  • More Event Dungeons are on their way! Event Dungeons will now be held once a week instead of twice a month! Try the Event Dugeons and receive a Crown, Custom Mode parts, and an Egg Machine pull!

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