Nintendo has clearly underestimated the demand for Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Special Edition. The first round of pre-orders was an absolutely disaster, with demand crashing the My Nintendo store within minutes. Nintendo opened up pre-orders once again today, and even with a few weeks of preparation, the site is still struggling. Thankfully, a few more people managed to secure their orders this time, but sadly, it seems some scalpers snuck in.

Scalpers no doubt noticed the huge demand Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Special Edition brought in during the first wave of pre-orders, and they were ready with bots and more to snatch up copies this time around. As soon as orders were secured, these scalpers turned around to sell these pre-orders on eBay and other auction sites. Auctions have been listed for $250 to $350, while the item itself is priced at $90.

It remains to be seen if Nintendo will offer yet another opportunity for pre-orders, but as it stands right now, it seems like scalpers may have gotten the upper hand yet again.

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2y ago

That's what dirty scalpers do. They spot weakness and look to exploit it. If there was enough supply, scalpers wouldn't be profiting.

It's a mess in Europe as well. All you can do is register your interest in the Special Edition. Even if you do manage to order it, the Nintendo Switch SteelBook case, softcover concept art book and outer box packaging won't ship until months later, some indefinite date in Autumn.


2y ago

Does anyone out there actually want the contents of these special editions for themselves, or are they designed and manufactured explicitly for scalping purposes? When those game and watch units released last year, it seems no one actually wanted them. Only scalpers purchased them.


2y ago

This has absolutely been the worst Nintendo experience I’ve ever come across. The worst. I got a copy in my cart this morning at 11:30 right before the site when to the pits, and then got placed in their waiting area until just now at 7:20pm. After waiting all that time to checkout it says the item is sold out. Absolutely ridiculous.


2y ago

Missed it again this time. I'm not going to lose sleep over missing out on a video game collector's edition, but man it's still a bummer. Especially more annoying since Nintendo took it upon themselves to handle this. Never had trouble securing Xenoblade X, 2, or DE special editions in the past when you could go through other retailers.