Spanish publisher SelectaPlay and developer Main Loop Games have launched their latest project, Itadaki Smash, a 2.5D beat-‘em-up game where you fight with 4 unique heroes and take back San Daigo city, play solo, or in local co-op. A 20% discount is on right now to celebrate the launch, priced at €11.99 / £10.16 (€14.99€ / £12.82)

About the game:

In Itadaki Smash, players will jump into challenging classic combat as they fight the Tengogo mafia with 4 unique heroes. They will be able to customise their fighting style by unlocking new skills, combos, throws, and special attacks, and revive the old-school arcade era by exploring 16 stages hand-crafted in 2.5D retro style.

After successfully launching on PC (Steam), Itadaki Smash releases on the Nintendo hybrid platform with local cooperative play. Up to two players can play together with local co-op using just two Joy-Con controllers.

Key Features you should not miss

  • A colorful, cartoon-style graphics inspired by classic Beat ‘em Up.
  • Fight alone or with a friend to clean up San Daigo city.
  • 4 unique characters inspired by Japanese folklore (yokai).
  • 16 detailed and challenging stages, with unique classic gameplay enhanced with new and modern mechanics.
  • 4 game modes! Finish the game with only one coin (Arcade), play without limits (Normal), or challenge your abilities against waves of enemies (Arena) or against friends (VS).
  • Travel back to the 80’s and the 90’s arcades with a vibrant soundtrack.

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