Publisher RedDeer.Games and developer Destructive Creations have announced The Evil One, a game based on the cult crime novel “The Evil One” by Leopold Tyrmand. This is an isometric action-adventure that takes players to a city that is rebuilding after war. Expect a story full of jazz, swing, romance, and crime.

In the ruins and construction sites of Warsaw in the 1950s, a white-eyed stranger brings justice to hooligans, thieves, and organized crime on his own. Where the power of the Militia does not reach, citizens can count on the Evil One.

The underworld, however, is awake and is preparing an intrigue that may lead to serious problems in the reviving city. Tyrmand’s noir tale is the perfect setting for a game steeped in a dark and disturbing atmosphere.

The Evil One will offer 7-10 hours of gameplay, approx. 50 tasks, and 6 large locations. There’s no word on a release date at this time.

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