Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon came to Switch at the very end of last year, and it offered up a ton of puzzling content. That said, since the game is made by Yacht Club, you knew they weren’t going to do a single release and leave it at that! The company will be releasing Puzzler’s Pack DLC sometime down the road, and today we get a new look at what it’ll include.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what to expect in the Puzzler’s Pack.

New Playable Characters:

Puzzle Knight - Everyone’s favorite puzzle prodigy is now a playable character! While on your run, you’ll be able to rotate surrounding foes clockwise to create convenient new combos!

Mona - Our green mini-game queen can now embark on her very own Pocket Dungeon adventure! Utilize her awesome alchemist abilities by exploding nearby potions. Chain them to get more bang for your buck!

New Relics:

Chester dug up 2 new Relics to aid you in your quest! Test ‘em out on your run!

New Areas to Explore:

Hedge Farm - An earthy plot of land has appeared in the Pocket Dungeon! Ready that green thumb of yours, the wholesome Hedge Farmer needs some agricultural assistance! Castle Quandary - Uncover a brand new secret quest in the Pocket Dungeon! Scale a colossal beanstalk to discover a confounding castle nestled in the clouds New Quests: In the Quandary Castle, you’ll unlock unique challenges called “Quandary Runs” for each playable character! Note: Only 2 out of the 4 quests are accessible with Shovel Knight.

Coming Soon

Mr. Hat’s Fancy Shop: Whoa! A well-tailored traveler has wandered into the Pocket Dungeon! Mr. Hat will provide you with various headpieces that modify your runs! There will be 20+ run modifiers to purchase!

Refract Abilities: Challenge yourself with new takes on your favorite character’s abilities! Variety is the spice of life!

When a specific release date is given for the Puzzler Pack DLC on Switch, we’ll make sure to share that with you.

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2y ago

Exciting! This game is seriously so fun, it deserves more attention. Hope but doubt this will get it that.


2y ago

Very excited for this, I love the base game, its a lot of fun