You thought you’d seen the best/worst of the Sonic the Hedgehog costumes out there? Well think again, as SEGA Europe and Rubies Masquerade have teamed up for a refreshed line of Sonic the Hedgehog costumes for both kids and adults. The line isn’t available just yet, but will be coming soon to the official RubiesUK site.

The new collection will introduce infant sizes, as well as a dress-up mask set featuring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. These costumes will use modernized designs, colors and sizes, and the aim is to appeal to both franchise newcomers and longtime fans alike.

We don’t have any pictures of the new costume line yet, but you can bet your furry blue butt that we’ll give you a complete rundown once assets are shared.

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2y ago

what the hell is that


2y ago

That costume still looks better than the original design of Sonic for the movie. 🦔