The gang at Limited Run Games never sleeps. They’re always looking for the next Switch game to give a physical release, and they’ve found their next target. The dynamic ARPG rougelite ‘Dreamscaper’ is getting a boxed release, and pre-orders open on July 8th, 2022.


As usual, Limited Run is offering up two different versions for fans to snag. The standard release is priced at $35 and includes the game and a box. The Collector’s Edition is $75 and includes the following:

  • Physical Copy of Dreamscaper for Nintendo Switch
  • Dreamscaper Original Soundtrack
  • 18 x 24 Reversible Poster
  • Dreamscaper Artbook

Again, pre-orders open on July 8th and they’ll run until August 7th, 2022. You can take a closer look at these packages and read more details about Dreamscaper here.

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