Back in the beginning of June, we talked a bit about Rayless Blade, an open world, pixel art RPG with JRPG style turn combat and UNDERTALE-style combat. At that time, we shared an announcement that a Kickstarter for the game was in the works. Today marks the launch of that Kickstarter.

While base funding for the game sits at $15k, fans will have to do a bit more to bring the game for Switch. The Switch stretch goal is $45k, coming roughly smack-dab in the middle of the list of stretch goals. Not an easy target to hit, but not an outlandish amount of money either.

In Rayless Blade, you’ll encounter many individuals that can be recruited to your team to help you fight and explore. You’ll be able to recruit up to 3 members and each individual will belong to a certain class type, such as, Dark Knight, Magic Knight, Strider, Engineer, Dragon Slayer, and Rebounder, so assembling your team is strategic in nature. As you progress, you will discover hidden and randomized loot by solving puzzles, searching obscured areas, and defeating enemies. Every team member can be customized. Use the loot you’ve earned to upgrade your team in terms of their gear.

If you want to pledge your support to Rayless Blade and hopefully help reach that Switch stretch goal, you can check out the campaign here.


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