Megaton Musashi going free-to-play Fall 2022

A Megaton announcement...literally!

01 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Level-5 has announced that Megaton Musashi is going free-to-play on Switch sometime in Fall 2022. The Japanese-exclusive’s jump to free play will coincide with the Megaton Musashi X update, which includes Season 2 of the story, player-versus-player online battles, new mecha, characters, weapons, and stages.

Those who are currently playing Megaton Musashi can take their save data and transfer it over to Megaton Musashi X. Doing so will let you purchase an item set with exclusive mecha for 100 yen, along with the exclusive mecha Protoframe Zero X with special effects. The item set contains items that will make gameplay easier overall. Those who don’t purchase this set through save transfer will be able to pick it up later, albeit at a considerably higher price.

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