You thought Nintendo said all they had to say on Inkling/Octoling eyes in Splatoon 3? Well think again, as Nintendo has shared yet another tidbit. Earlier in the week we learned about eyebrows, and today brings us details on eye color.

As you might have noticed in the image above, Inklings and Octolings have tricolor eyes. Even better, this is yet another part of the character customization in-game, so you’ll be able to mix and match whatever colors you’d like. Nintendo points out that this tricolor situation is exclusive to those who live in the Splatlands.


Along with that, Nintendo shared yet another fashion update for Splatoon 3. This time we get a look at the Zekko brand, which is known for stylish, functional, street-savvy gear. This brand is for anyone, but Zekko tends to make apparel that skaters, punks, skate punks, crust punks, gutter punks, punk punks, skater skaters, and grandmas adore!

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