Masahiro Sakurai seems like one of the busiest developers in the business, but he still finds time to play games. That goes for both games old and new, and in a recent tweet from Sakurai, we get to see just a sampling of his retro game collection.

In the image above, you get a small peek of the retro games Sakurai has collected over the years. There’s plenty of Famicom games, some N64 games, a handful of HuCards, Super Famicom cartridges, and so on. For those who follow Sakurai, it’s not surprising to see such a wide variety of games from different platforms, and it’s also on-brand for everything to be so organized. Sakurai takes his retro gaming very seriously!

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2y ago

Yep, he's a gamer. Those storage bins look like they came from the 80's!