Over the coming week, Niantic will be conducting a complete renewal of the packs available in Pikmin Bloom’s shop. You can see the entire schedule of pack renewals below.

Discontinued packs

On July 11 (Monday) at 0:00 am local time, the Flower Pack, Special Pack, and the Bloom Pack will be removed from the shop.

New packs

On July 8 (Friday) the pack below will be released:

Pack of the Week: the price and contents of this pack will change on a weekly basis. Additionally, on July 11 (Monday), the following packs will be released:

Basic Flower Pack (480 coins) including the following:

  • 100 Blue Petals
  • 100 Red Petals
  • 100 Yellow Petals
  • 50 Red Pansy Petals
  • 50 Yellow Pansy Petals
  • 50 Blue Pansy Petals
  • 2 Special Nectars

Explorer Pack (980 coins) including the following:

  • 2 Special Nectars
  • 2 Single-Use Slots
  • 3 Special Slots
  • 6 Detectors

Limited Special Pack (1480 coins), available until July 24th (Sunday), including the following:

  • 200 Red Lily Petals
  • 200 White Lily Petals
  • 200 Yellow Lily Petals
  • 200 Red Hydrangea Petals
  • 200 White Hydrangea Petals
  • 200 Blue Hydrangea Petals
  • 8 Detectors
  • 5 Single-Use Slots
  • 3 Special Slots

The new bundle packs are designed to focus more on either flower planting, or finding and growing new Pikmin, so you can choose the one that best aligns with your play style. They also complement each other greatly, for a more well rounded experience!

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