The Kickstarter campaign for Chronicles of 2 Heroes: Amaterasu’s Wrath ended in success, pulling in roughly 34,000 Euros, which was 10k Euros above what was needed. Now we know the game is a lock for Switch, and that includes a physical release.

Chronicles of 2 Heroes: Amaterasu’s Wrath is a 2d action platforming game with metroidvania elements. Dart through levels facing Amaterasu’s minions and switch character in real time to unleash their unique skills and save Japan from the goddess’ madness.

A bunch of stretch goals from the Chronicles of 2 Heroes: Amaterasu’s Wrath Kickstarter were hit as well, which means extra goodies are on the way. A physical and a collector’s edition for Switch is in the works, thanks to a collaboration with Tesura Games. A boss rush mode has also been confirmed, where you fight consecutively against huge bosses like Gashadokuro, Nobumasa and Tengu. There will also be a New Game+, and one more localized language.

If you want to familiarize yourself a bit more with Chronicles of Heroes 2: Amaterasu’s Wrath, you can take a peek at the official Kickstarter here.


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