While there are a handful of games today that come with instruction booklets, it’s mostly a lost art. Game companies used to put a ton of work into creating gorgeous instruction booklets for games, but nowadays you can include that sort of thing in a game digitally, which certainly cuts down on production costs.

That wasn’t the case back in the days of the SNES. It was unheard of for a game to not include an instruction booklet. Obviously, many of those manuals have been lost to time, which is a real shame. Not only are those booklets pieces of art, they sometimes also offer a wealth of information on games that really helps the player!

While you might not be able to get your hands on those booklets physically anymore, you can now see every single SNES booklet digitally, thanks to the archivist Peebs. Believe it or not, Peebs spent the last 8 years getting his hands on every single SNES instruction booklet in order to painstakingly scan their contents. If there’s a game on the SNES, Peebs has scanned its manual.

If you want to skim through the absolutely massive collection, you can find Peebs’ archive here.

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