The latest look at Xenoblade Chronicles 3 goes into a bit more details on how Colonies operate. The various Colonies in the game seem to employ a ranking system for inhabitants, with the lowest referred to as Dirt, and the upper-crust being labeled as Gold. Right underneath the Gold rank is Silver, for those who haven’t yet climbed the ladder to its highest rung.

Following that, we get a bit more talk on the battle system in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Returning from the previous game are the Break and Topple options, but now they’re joined by Smash and Burst. Smash is just what it sounds like, while Burst is used to calm an enemy in order to get more items when they’re defeated. All of these elements are worked into Art Combos, which mix and match these approaches for a variety of results.

Finally, you can now command your allies to prioritize completing either Smash or Burst Combos. Now you won’t have to wait around for them in battle to land big hits!

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