Madit Entertainment and Daring Touch have announced that they’re bringing Roots in the Sky to the Switch sometime in Summer 2023. Roots in the Sky is the point-and-click sequel to the The Hand of Glory, which launches back in 2020.

After five years in hiding, former Miami detective Lazarus “Lars” Bundy is swept up in another globe-trotting supernatural mystery whose origins trace back to a legend about the creation of Earth itself.

In an attempt to elude the cult that’s been chasing him, former Miami detective Lazarus “Lars” Bundy is in Italy working incognito for a security agency when his client is murdered in cold blood by a sharpshooter. As the blood stain slowly spreads on the victim’s clothes, Lars realizes there is only one way to keep his past from catching up with him: solve the case before the police and bring the perpetrator to justice as quickly and silently as possible.

A senseless murder, conflicting clues and an indistinct lead will thrust the former detective on another thrilling journey around the world, from majestic Rome to the Land of the Rising Sun by way of Palestine and India. With help from an old ally he thought he’d left behind for good, Lars finds himself swept up in a case far more complex and dangerous than he ever could have imagined, filled with international mystery and mysticism. And all the while, a much more personal danger lurks close at hand, one that Lars is determined to suppress and keep hidden from the world.


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