A very special item for Mega Man fans is now up for pre-order. Those who love Mega Man Legends may want to hop on this Mega Man Legends vinyl and cassette soundtrack release, as it’s sure to go very quickly! The game’s soundtrack was previously released as Rockman DASH on CD in Japan in 1998 and has been out of print and unavailable on any official physical format ever since… until now!


Not surprisingly, there’s a big difference in price between the vinyl and cassette options. Those who want the record release will have to cough up $40, while the cassette comes in at just $17. Either way, pre-orders are set to ship out sometime in September 2022.

You can see a full track list for the Mega Man Legends soundtrack below.

Side A

  1. The Last Door
  2. Trap of Deflector
  3. Escape from the Tower
  4. Hanmuru Doll Appears!
  5. To Kattelox Island
  6. Apple Market
  7. Concerto of Harpsichord in D Minor (CD From Shop)
  8. Feeling of Love?
  9. Chase Brummbär!

Side B

  1. We are the 3 Bonne Brothers
  2. Ferdinand!
  3. Schmetterling of Bon Bonne
  4. Teisel Bonne of the Gesellschaft
  5. Maulwurf!
  6. Sad Teisel Bonne
  7. Reflection Room
  8. The Sub-Gate of Cardon Forest
  9. Lakeside Town
  10. The Bonne Family Burning with Vengeance
  11. Balcon Gerät!

Side C

  1. Locked Up Balcon Gerät
  2. The Sub-Gate of Jyuin Lake
  3. Garudoriten!
  4. Flutter
  5. The Sub-Gate of Clozer Woods
  6. Karumuna Bash!
  7. Flutter vs. Gesellschaft
  8. Gesellschaft!

Side D

  1. Foke-Wulf!
  2. The Main Gate
  3. Theodore Bruno!
  4. Reform
  5. Present (By F Chopin)
  6. At a Place Nobody Knows
  7. Original Hito Unit Residence
  8. Guynie Toren!
  9. Juno - Last Battle Physique (By JS Bach)
  10. See You Again

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