Madman decides to cram Morbius onto the Game Boy Color

Bringing the pain of Morbius to a new level

05 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the most part, has been filled with excellent films that are highly-rated by fans and critics alike. Then there are the Marvel films that Sony puts out, which are very much NOT a part of the MCU. Those movies have garnered some extremely low critical scores, and equal lambasting from movie-goers.

While there have been some bad Sony/Marvel movies, none has been razzed more than Morbius. The film was trashed since day one, so much so that it became a meme online. That meme is still going now, pushing people to do things they’d otherwise never do. That’s exactly what happened with Wulff Den on YouTube, who decided to push Morbius to its limits.

The video above shows how Wulff Den crammed Morbius onto the Game Boy Color. There’s even footage of the movie running on the GBC, and as you might expect, it’s compressed to hell. Still, the movie is viewable…technically. Even if Morbius was a good movie, this is not the way you’d want to watch!

Here’s the real kicker about this ungodly project. To get every second of Morbius onto the Game Boy Color, it would take 36 GBC cartridges. Wulff Den decided to stop the madness at 3, but that still gives us a considerable amount of the film to watch. It’s certainly a proof of concept…but a concept no one wants to see explored further!

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