Nintendo and Monolith Soft have released a super-sized update on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 today, and things kicked off with a bit of music. The track heard above is ‘You Will Know Our Names~Finale,’ which plays when you fight a Unique Monster.

Next up, we got a few more details on Fusion Arts. Fusion Arts can also be a fusion of Keves and Agnus class arts. For example, Noah’s Swordfighter class is a Keves class, so his Master Arts can only be from Agnus. You may not set two classes from the same country.

Next up, a few more details on Ouroboros Arts. You can interlink at any point during a battle and make use of endless Ouroboros Arts. Just make sure to keep an eye on the heat gauge, as it will slowly rise over time.

Through the use of Fusion Arts, Ouroboros can be strengthened up to level 3. This is known as the Interlink Level, and determines the power of the Ouroboros. It is worth thinking about if you should immediately use your interlink or save it for when it is powered up.

You can switch with your Ouroboros partner during an interlink as well. As an example, you can make use of Ouroboros-Lanz’ defensive techniques and then switch to Ouroboros-Sena to go on the offensive.

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