The Switch is still flying off store shelves, which is always a great thing, especially for a platform 5+ years into its lifespan. Unfortunately for Nintendo, the situation is a bit more dire due to supply chain issues. This means Nintendo once again can’t get enough Switch units out on store shelves to meet demand.

When it comes to Japan, the Switch has sold 33% fewer units during the 2022 April-June quarter than a year ago. This is largely due to supply chain disruptions that are making it hard for Nintendo to create enough Switch units to go around. Nintendo confirmed this information by stating that a “shortage of chip materials is having an impact on production.”

While details on component issues haven’t been disclosed by Nintendo, it seems that the Big N is having trouble procuring parts for Bluetooth wireless communications components used in the Joy-Con and Switch itself, along with analog chips for controlling currents. Nintendo is currently in negotiations to secure the necessary components, but a company rep said “the outlook is uncertain.”

Retailers also confirmed that they simply don’t have enough Switch units on hand to keep up with customer demand. One unnamed retailer was extremely straightforward on the matter, stating, “If we can increase purchases, we can sell more.”


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2y ago

Love how the company rep gave a (translated) magic 8 ball response


2y ago

They need to come by my local Target. Everytime I go in there they have a healthy stock of oled and lite switches.