Publisher Flyhigh Works and developer Marudice has revealed that their upcoming inverted gravity puzzle game, Invercity, is coming to Nintendo Switch. No specific dates were given, but the development for the Switch version will start after the release of the Steam version, which is set for 2022.

About the game (via Steam):

Handstand looks like hanging when you look it upside down, doesn’t it?

Invercity is a puzzle-platformer that features “Handstand”.

The game has two important mechanics: “Handstand” and “Inverted Broadcast”.



“Handstand” reverses gravity for all objects but you for the physics principal law; “things fall to bottom”.


The monitor is turned upside down when “Reverse Broadcast” is performed. “Handstand” will be replaced with “hanging”. Because it “looks” that way!

Explore the mysterious city with two actions “Handstand” and “Inverted Broadcast”.


Panic in the city due to the “Handstand Phenomenon” in which objects fall into the sky!A reporter who loves handstand is chosen to cover the event. While covering various parts of the city, she tries to find out the mystery behind the “Handstand Phenomenon”!

Secondary Use

To post or stream images and videos using the play screen and audio are fully allowed.However, please always play with the in-game option “Streamer Mode” enabled. ※Only spoiler parts of the story will be automatically skipped. Captures in non-streamer mode can also be used by cutting the spoiler parts.


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