Indie developer Pineapple Works has announced their next project, Dreamed Away, and it’s something that fans of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away and Nintendo’s Earthbound ought to be be excited about, as it’s heavily inspired by both. Coming to Nintendo Switch in Q4 2023, Dreamed Away is an emotional 2D action-adventure RPG that takes place in the country of France during the 1990s. Check out the reveal teaser trailer above, more details on the game below, and visit the Steam page here for a batch of screenshots.

You play as Théo, a boy lost in a dark, mysterious world, trying hard to find his sister. The game focuses on the bond between siblings, fear of death and questioning reality. The immersive storytelling, diverse setting with a vibrant color palette and varied environment, altogether with detailed, aesthetic pixel art, aims to give the player a new perspective on the action-adventure RPG genre.

Dreamed Away is more than just a game. It’s an intense reflection of the developer’s own story,born at the same time as his second child. The game’s world is built around the main character’s - Theo’s - bond with his sister Louise as well as his desire to find and reconnect with her. The story takes place in a cozy little village in Brittany, where the surroundings tell you a story about a safe, calm, and happy place. But mystery steps in. A darkness is encroaching. It’s unsettled, shady. It’s a game about a young boy questioning his sense of reality and sanity. While trapped alone in a world where he constantly faces his fears. Such an experience of internalizing doubts and fears is how the game was born.

Some facts about Dreamed Away:

  • Cozy and safe atmosphere mixed up with unsettling and dark mood full of doubts
  • Externally introspective: Dive deep into Theo’s fears while exploring the game’s story and world
  • Alternative way to battle: pre-equip varied abilities that can affect the stats of the player or enemy and/or impact gameplay. Each ability has a side-effect
  • Engaging turn-based combat system with real-time enemy attacks

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