You know, you think you’re finally out of the rabbit hole with Switch hardware reveals, and then you get dragged right back in.

Earlier this week, fans noticed that Nintendo made a few of their Switch promo videos private. This caused speculation that Nintendo would be revealing a new Switch sometime in the near future. In response to that, former Nintendo employee Kit Ellis said Nintendo usually privates these videos after a year due to licensing issues.

Fast-forward to today, and Nintendo reveals a new Splatoon 3-themed Switch OLED model. Does that mean Kit was wrong and the fans were right? It’s all just speculation at this point, but it sure seems to me like there was something to those trailers going private, as we’ve seen that same setup and results in the past.

So that’s it, right? Now we had the hardware reveal and we’re all done? Of course not, as there’s always another rumor on the horizon. …and yes, this one is about more Switch hardware again.

This time around we have information from A Chinese source who accurately leaked that a Splatoon 3-themed Switch OLED was on the way. That same leaker now says that more Switch hardware is coming, and the reveal is set for sometime in September. The leaker doesn’t give anymore information on what the Switch could be, but of course, people are going to once again start talking Switch Pro.

I guess we’re now left to wait out the Summer to see what crops up in September. Do you believe in the leaker, or are you calling bull on all of this?

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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2y ago

“Do you believe in the leaker, or are you calling bull on all of this?”
Definitely bull. One “rumour” doesn’t pan out so time to move on. They’re like people who predict the world is going to end.

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2y ago

People just don't want to let it go.

Why not ask for a new for something else. This year doesn't seem likely.


2y ago

I believe there is a Switch Pro coming, maybe released in time for Christmas, but definitely will be on the scene for BOTW2. There's too much smoke for it not to be a fire.


2y ago


Because asking for a Switch Pro, Metroid Prime Remaster/Remake, a EPD developed DK game by the Odyssey team, Pikmin 4, Game Boy/GBA games on NSO, and an Odyssey 2 is easy click bait and garners easy views so why not continue doing it at nauseum?


2y ago

I originally thought that Switch 2 or whatever would launch in late 2023 to early 2024, but there's a lot of smoke around a Switch "Pro", "2", or whatever you want to call it. Between Nvidias own leaks, Nintendo refusing to comment on a new Switch model during the fiscal year and etc. I can't say I find it unreasonable that one would be announced "soon".

Mid to Late September seems like a good time to announce something, but I doubt it would launch this year. Give it 6 months from announcement and launch with Breath of the Wild 2 and some unknown 2023 titles and you've got a winning lineup echoing the 2017 Switch launch.


2y ago

If it's true, this will be a Pokemon special edition. They do that for like, every main release. That's my guess, anyway.


2y ago

The Switch Pro is real yall, its all the friends we made along the way...that's the real NSW Pro.



2y ago

It has to be that Switch Pro bundle with Metroid Prime, F-Zero and Star Fox, right? Right?


2y ago

I believe they'll be another Switch SKU in time for Christmas, but it won't be a Switch Pro

It'll be another themed Switch OLED, my money's on Pokemon to pair with Scarlet/Violet


2y ago

I'm on board. There will totally be a Pro announced before November to launch early next year. I'm putting money on that.


2y ago

At this point, this isn't even newsworthy anymore for me. An AI could make up more exciting rumors.

giancarlo thomaz senoni

2y ago

you can't ignore the evidences Nintendo spent 74 milions dolars on raw materials, more they have spent in 2019.