Astroneer came to the Switch in January, and it seems to get a decent amount of eyes on it. Following that, a physical version saw release in February. Just how successful has the game been on Switch? While developer System Era isn’t getting into specifics, data analysis company GameDiscoverCo has done some legwork to find out.

While we don’t have a specific total, GameDiscoverCo did find out some details.

  • Astroneer sold over 220,000 units across all platforms in in January
  • the Steam version of Astroneer amassed just over 1,700 Steam reviews during January
  • this puts Switch digital guestimates at 75,000-100,000 units in its first 2 and a half weeks
  • the game was the #2 third-party ‘recent’ Switch eShop title in the U.S. by download

Obviously, this data doesn’t include specifics on physical copies sold, as there’s no way to really track that without info from the publisher. That said, it does seem Astroneer has met considerable success on Switch, and continues to get consumer attention.

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