In the latest update on Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we learn about a new feature with enemies that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

When in the heat of battle with enemies, you’ll notice that there’s a special indicator on their HP gauge. This is called an ‘Anger Line,’ and dropping their health below this line will cause the enemy to unleash new Arts while dishing out higher damage as well. You better prepare for this shift, as your battle will no doubt get tougher!

Along with that, we get some more details on leveling up in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. While the game offers traditional character leveling, you can also gain bonus experience points from visiting Rest Points. This bonus exp comes from doing quests and finding new landmarks on your journey.

Remember, gaining experience bumps up your level, but it also ranks up your classes as well! At first, classes only have one Master Art. That said, as you master these, you can rank them up for more actions!

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