Final Vendetta dev talks DLC and sequel interest

There's always more baddies to beat up

06 July 2022
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Final Vendetta, a new 2D beat’em-up, is out right now on Switch, but you might not know it. The game was a victim of unfortunate timing, as it’s release came one day after TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. While timing on that wasn’t the best, it does seem fans of the genre have found Final Vendetta and are enjoying it quite a bit.

In an interview with Co-Optimus, developer Mike Tucker was asked about the potential for future updates to the game. Tucker not only talked about bug fixes and other updates, but also teased interest in DLC and a sequel. You can find his full statement below.

We’ve already released a couple of patches for the Steam version which have gone down very well, helping to balance the game further, fix a few bugs, and also cater [to] more casual players. Currently, there’s a lot of demand for the boxer enemy (Karen) to be made into a playable character. I’d love to do that and perhaps offer it as free DLC, but it would involve quite a bit of work. We’re constantly being asked to make a sequel too, and we certainly have a load of ideas for that!

[Mike Tucker, developer]

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