Haiku the Robot is a Metroidvania title developed by one person, Jordan Morris. Morris confirmed the game for Switch awhile back, and we’re supposed to hear a release date sometime this Summer. The wait for that info will be quite tough, as Haiku the Robot is looking quite spectacular.

While we already know the game is a Metroidvania, what’s the key to making sure the game finds success and reaches a wide audience? Developer Jordan Morris shared thoughts on this in an interview with GameDiscoveryCo. If anyone’s going to know the selling points of a game, it would be that game’s creator!

You can see Jordan’s comments on Haiku the Robot below.

“The game has a strong visual art style. Almost Game Boy-esque. The simple colored backgrounds provide a good contrast between the player and foreground elements which focuses peoples attention on the most important parts of the game. You know immediately what to look at (and this also helps with gameplay).

The different color palettes stands out as well. The warm orange palette especially draws people in and a lot of the people instantly remember my game when they see this orange color in a screenshot/GIF. The colors also compliment the cute yet creepy aesthetic of the game.

Lastly, the game doesn’t deviate from the standard Metroidvania formula and uses well-known mechanics/tropes - people can easily relate it to other games that they’ve played. And since it’s my first game, I thought it was more important to focus on getting the basics absolutely right, rather than making something new that people haven’t seen before. Plus, the general concept of a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by machines is something that most people can easily understand and visualize.”

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