Knockout City’s next big event is right around the corner. Play for the crown while beating each other down in Royale Party, with your host, Gus! Grab a partner for the Party Team Royale Playlist, check out the Second Chance Shop for Holobux deals on outfits and more, and clear Event Contracts to win big with a wearable crown of your very own. Knockout City’s Royale Party kicks off July 12th, 2022.

Team Royale is a completely different beast – instead of playing for KOs, you’re playing for points by surviving against the Danger Zone, a threatening wall that closes in around brawlers and slowly damages anyone caught on the wrong side. No respawns here until one team’s left! Three other teams of two will be pulling out all the stops to score KOs and be the final squad standing, winning a crown worth 50 points. 150 points (or three crowns) wins the match for the both of us.

Furthermore, you’ll find nothing but Party loadouts (a.k.a. Special Balls only) in every match! You’ll see everything from Party Boomerang Ball to Party Multi Ball.

It’s pretty fitting that you’re brawling to win crowns, because in Royale Party, your top prizes nab you a cool crown of your own! You’ll get to flaunt that royal flair with the Crowning Glory Legendary Player Icon for finishing four Event Contracts. And if you want to dethrone the Rad Royals…Well, we gotta clear eight Event Contracts. Doing that will get you the Crowning Moment Legendary Hairstyle!

Make sure to check out the Second Chance Shop tab for a massive back catalog of great Outfits, Poses, Faces, Gliders, Gloves, KO Effects… pretty much anything you can think of, they’ve got some! And they’re all on SALE! All sorts of classics are there at a discount, so if you’re a new brawler lookin’ to show up in style, it’s a great place to be!

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