When you command “Focus Attacks,” all party members will target the enemy being attacked by the current player character. The number of enemies in combat is displayed on the top right, which definitely helps you keep track of how well things are going, or how much you have to deal with.

When you command your allies to gather, they will form around the current player character, but they will not perform auto attacks or arts. You can also disperse if need be. If your allies are hurting, it may be a good idea to gather and heal.

When you command your allies to focus on fusion arts, it will raise the interlink level. The more you wait to use fusion arts, the less arts you will output overall. It’s a bit of a toss-up, but depending on how you play things, this approach could really benefit you in tougher battles.

Along with the combat info, we also have a breakdown for another Hero, Alexandria. Alexandria is part of the Incursor class, which makes use of a sword. Each critical hit landed with a sword makes attacks stronger, which means the Incursor class grows in strength throughout battle.

Alexandria is a bit of a celebrity, and despite the fact that she belongs to Agnus, she is widely known abroad in Keves as well. Alexandria gained notoriety thanks to her swordsmanship and intellect. You can see Alexandria in action via the cut-scene below.

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