Limited Run Games and 8-4 have partnered up to create SUPERDELUXE GAMES, a company primed to publish new physical titles for the Japanese market. While Limited Run Games already puts out a huge amount of physical titles here in the states, our friends in Japan don’t get the same treatment. Thanks to the newly-formed SUPERDELUXE GAMES, that’s about to change.

Not only did SUPERDELUXE GAMES announce itself today, they also shared their upcoming slate of physical releases heading to Japan. Not surprisingly, the two titles planned so far are Switch games.

  • SOL CRESTA: Dramatic Edition - Pre-orders begin July 14, 2022 (Thurs.)
  • Tetris® Effect: Connected - Pre-orders begin August 4, 2022 (Thurs.)

If you want to learn more about SUPERDELUXE GAMES, you can read the company’s official announcement here.

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