Pokémon Co. is the world's 5th biggest licensor

One of the biggest brands out there

07 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

We all know that the Pokémon brand is absolutely huge, bringing in billions of dollars each year. Ever wonder just how big Pokemon branding is? We now have an answer, thanks to License Global magazine.

License Global magazine just published its Global License Report for 2022, and it includes a big breakdown on just how much bank the Pokemon brand is making. Here’s the stats that were offered up:

  • Pokémon Co. made made $8.5 billion in licensing revenue
  • Pokémon Co. came in at #5 on the list overall
  • Pokémon Co. rose from #8 in 2021 with $5.1 billion
  • the rise in revenue comes from 25th anniversary celebrations

Pokémon Co. was beat out by Disney, Dotdash Meredith (lifestyle brand publisher behind People magazine and others), Authentic Brands Group (focused on fashion and celebrities), and WarnerMedia. Some surprising companies that Pokémon Co. surpassed includes Hasbro, NBC Universal, Mattel, and Paramount Global.

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2y ago

Gotta License em All


2y ago

But it is known that the brand makes the most money in the world. So this is... just the company. So the wording is a bit wrong I think.