The Switch version of Alien: Isolation is considered one of the best ports of the game (even according to Digital Foundry and now it just got even better at a new discounted price of $19.99 down from $34.99 previously.

This seems to be a permanent change as it doesn’t show as a discount or sale and it’s available in all regions.

Will you be getting this game? Or is the new price not worth the dread? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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2y ago

Great to hear. That means the next sale price might be in the $15 neighborhood, which has been my personal “buy” threshold for this game.


2y ago

They could offer it for 1$ and I wouldn't buy it. Or rather COULDN'T, as my micro SD card wouldn't have enough space for this giant ass game.
I'd buy a physical for 40 bucks though.


2y ago

This just reminded me I paid $8 for this on PS4 in a PSN flash sale last year. I still haven't gotten around to playing it...