The Official Japanese Twitter for the Kirby series has shared the newest code for Kirby and the Forgotten Land which you can enter to get some goodies. It’s worth reminding that even though a lot of these codes are in Japanese, there’s no region-locking when it comes to them so you can use them no problem.

The latest code for July 7th is the following:

なつもディスカバリー (Redeemable for 500 Star Coin, food and a Car-Mouth Cake. Available until September 18th)

And if you haven’t used previously shared codes, here’s a list of the ones that are still available.

よこはまでポップアップ – Star Coin x300, Food x2 (available until July 10th 2022)

さっぽろでポップアップ – Star Coin x300, Food x2 (available until July 11th 2022)

キデイランドでディスカバリー – Star Coin x300, Kirby Burger (available until July 31st 2022)

BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM – Star Coin x500, Attack Boost (no expiration date)

CLEARDEMO – Star Coin x300 (no expiration date)

FIRSTPASSWORD – Star Coin x100 (no expiration date)

KIRBYSTORY – Star Coin x300 (no expiration date)

KIRBYTHEGOURMET – Rare Stone, Car-Mouth Cake (no expiration date)

NEWADVENTURE – Star Coin x300, Rare Stone (no expiration date)

THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT – Rare Stone x3 (no expiration date)

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