A new “Forged in Hell” update is now available for Smelter, this update was announced and detailed a month ago, full details on this update are shown below.


  • (Fix) Removed wall sliding in portion of Grizzler Mounds where Queen Grizzla chases from above


  • (New) Action mode added which allows players to play a platformer-only version of Smelter

We know that strategy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so we decided to add something with a little more of a kick. The new Action mode will let you dive right in to the platforming/action portions of Smelter via while leaving the questing and expanding of Smelter’s magnificent empire to his faithful Zirm forces. The map might look similar to the original at first glance, but don’t be fooled! Smelter can now hop between stages in an instant, clear them and open up more paths to new places! In addition to this, some of the dialogs have also received some love in order to reflect the new flow of this mode.

  • (New) Boss Rush mode with various difficulties and time-tracking

Who doesn’t love pummeling big, bad guys in rapid succession? This new Boss Rush mode lets you do just that! All the boss battles in the game have been pulled together so that Eve and Smelter can lay the smackdown on the Guardians and the Watch of the Rumbly Lands one right after another. Additionally, with this new mode, you can test your skills with the different elemental abilities but there’s a catch — the higher in difficulty you go, the more your abilities are limited so good luck (you might need it)! In order to unlock this mode, you’ll need to make it towards the end of the game but we’ll let you find out where for yourselves!

  • (New) Classic mode added which allows player to play the original version of Smelter

Classic Mode is the original version of the game in all of its former glory! Additionally, Action and Classic modes are saved on separate slots* so don’t worry about which one you choose. You can always start a new game in another mode if your heart so desires. *Auto-save functionality may override when switching between modes, so please make sure to manually save when changing between the two.

  • (New) Save Slots are indicated separately for Action mode and Classic mode

Smelter is available right now for the Nintendo Switch.

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2y ago

I was torn on this game because the platformer elements looked fantastic, but I hate strategy games. So, so glad to see they created a mode without it. They just sold another copy!