Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Seville took place back in May 2022, and Niantic detailed just how many people showed up for the weekend event. Now a few months later, Niantic has shared details on the economic impact this event had, and unsurprisingly, it caused quite a local boom!

While a full report was shared on the benefits Seville reaped, a few major takeaways were published as well. Those include the following:

  • €9.1M ($9.9M) direct expenditures of visitors for accommodation, food and beverages etc. and operations cost of Niantic
  • €6.5M ($7.0M) indirect expenditures (impact on suppliers for businesses having direct impact from event)
  • €5.1M ($5.6M) induced expenses (increased household spending induced by employees working for businesses having direct impact from event)
  • In addition, €9.4M ($10.2M) of taxes were raised and positive job impact sums up to 462 jobs created Seville also benefited as tourism destination as 36% of visitors stated that they will likely return to the city in the next 12 months

Events like Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Seville are definitely fun for Trainers, but they also boost the local economy, bringing millions of dollars into the region. If you’d like to see the full economic impact of Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Seville, you can find the complete report here.

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