From time to time, Pokémon Co. adds a collection of themed episodes of the Pokémon anime to Pokémon TV. Today happens to be that day, and a new curated batch of episodes is ready for your viewing pleasure. This time around, all the episodes grouped together have something to do with food and friends.

Pokémon are mysterious creatures. Sometimes they look like swords, sandcastles, or seashells…and sometimes they even look like food! In fact, Pokémon the Series is full of stories featuring Pokémon who resemble ice cream cones, fruit, or mushrooms living their best lives. And in many cases, they even use their unique appearances and gifts to help their Trainers. From Mallow’s Bounsweet to Ash’s Galarian Farfetch’d and its leek, these Pokémon serve up laughter, tears, and the occasional battle in tasty Food? Friend! episodes, available on Pokémon TV for a limited time.

You can catch the food-themed episodes now on or the Pokémon TV mobile app. The Pokémon TV app is now available for Switch as well!

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