A few day back, it was revealed that SMITE is getting a Nickelodeon crossover. The tie-in will bring a handful of Nicktoon characters to the world of SMITE, including Rocko, Powdered Toast Man, and most importantly, Zim from Invader Zim.

If you caught the debut trailer for this content, you might have noticed something a little off with Zim. I know when I saw the trailer, I thought Zim’s voice didn’t sound quite right. Turn’s out that’s because Richard Horvitz, the voice actor for Zim, isn’t the one providing the voice for the SMITE crossover.

Fans were pretty furious when they noticed the change, and it turns out Horvitz was as well. Richard took to Twitter to voice his displayer with the following message.

That was followed up with a tweet by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim. It’s no surprise to see Vasquez frustrated as well.

Developer Hi-Rez and Nickelodeon themselves are yet to comment on the blowback, and it’s unlikely they will. If you’re not happy about this change and feel Horvitz deserves the role once again, you can certainly vote with your wallet.


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How could that possibly be the conclusion you come to from this article? You are a special kind of ignorant.


2y ago

This is yet another reason to why Unions are terrible!

How could that possibly be the conclusion you come to from this article? You are a special kind of ignorant.


2y ago


You okay there bub? You're literally blaming unions for this when it was Nickelodeon's fault. Unions make it so voice actors are treated fairly and not abused.


2y ago


Oh please!
People think their work is secured with unions when it's the opposite. Richard should never had relied on a union to get his work and thinking that there is no Zim without him is the opposite of humble. I don't know that man personally but his tweet gives off an arrogant vibe.

Unions only help there own and even then only the bare minimum. If anything, the people trying to get into voice acting are treated unfairly by the voice actors union as a method of gate keeping. What makes the new voice actor any less or more deserving than the old one?