Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a 1-on-7 online asymmetrical action game in which a band of seven everyday humans tries to survive the Raider (a classic Dragon Ball rival such as Cell and Frieza) who will hunt and evolve into an unstoppable force.

When people think of Dragon Ball games, they no doubt imagine themselves taking control of the series’ most powerful characters to dish out incredible damage. As noted above, Dragon Ball: The Breakers will also have you playing as characters without enhanced abilities. This was actually a facet of gameplay the dev team worried about.

In an interview Bandai Namco interview, Dragon Ball: The Breakers producer Ryosuke Hara discussed the dev team’s consideration of weaker characters, and why they decided to include them. You can see Hara’s full comments below.

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2y ago

I actually find the weaker characters to be more interesting.


2y ago

I'd be more worried about fans ignoring the game since it is a blatant rip-off of other asymmetrcial games.