The latest Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase was filled with all sorts of surprises, but one of the biggest was Blanc, a gorgeous-looking black-and-white adventure that’s sure to be a tear-jerker. Not only is the game taking a different visual and storytelling approach from most games, it’s also aiming to be non-violent.

In an interview with IGN, developer Casus Ludi’s CEO, Florent de Grissac, spoke at great length about the unique game. De Grissac stated that Blanc is meant to “provoke debate or awareness about various subjects,” while also offering a “positive experience of empathy and cooperation” that was “without violence, without antagonism.”

“We all feel that video games are full of [violence] already. We don’t need more of that. We are convinced that video games are real media with every possibility to tell any story. Some stories have been told a lot, so we don’t need to add to this.”


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