The first Hero Spotlight trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns gave us a look at Captain America, and now the team is back with a second feature. This one gives us a look at everyone’s favorite world-saving, smarmy billionaire, Tony Stark.

Possessing bottomless cash reserves and a brilliant intellect, Tony Stark knows all about privilege. He has the resources to turn any challenge into a success, thanks to his own mind and the wealth from his father’s corporation. After a deadly bomb blast, he even transformed the shrapnel lodged in his chest and threatening his heart into a net-benefit; it pushed him to perfect not only his innovative Arc Reactor, but also a hi-tech suit of armor.

However, Tony is also aware of just how lucky he is…and is even a little conflicted about it. Of all the descriptors commonly applied to him – millionaire, playboy, genius – he’s decided he likes “hero” best. He wants to see his technology reshape the world, but unlike his father, he wants that change to be a positive one.

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