Nintendo has announced a brand new Kirby spin-off game developed by Hal Laboratory. Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a 4-player rolling/racing game set to be released for Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. Similarly to Super Kirby Clash and Kirby Fighters 2, Kirby’s Dream Buffet will be a digital-only eShop release, with no physical version planned. Check out the reveal trailer above.

Roll through a smorgasbord of food-themed stages in 4 rounds of 4-player* fun as Kirby…who seems rounder than usual? Race through delicious obstacle courses to collect strawberries as Kirby grows. Then, turn the tides in the final round—a fruity fight atop a floating platform.

  • Roll through delicious, food-themed obstacle courses in 4-player matches
  • Collect strawberries to grow bigger and prepare for the final battle

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2y ago

Looks really cute! I'd be down to play this if it's priced right.

I like that this was revealed out of the blue instead of being in a Nintendo Direct, I feel people will have a more positive reaction to it as a result.


2y ago

I can't wait to hear RMC rant about a game with 100% food themed levels on the next pod.


2y ago


I came to comment the exact same thing.


2y ago

Who else thought of Fall Guys when they first seen this?


2y ago

Kirby is so cute, I could just eat him up.


2y ago

Would be nice if this were free with NSO + expansion. Looks fun.


2y ago

Nice! HAL is crushing it this year!

red knight

2y ago

This looks so fun and honestly it will run at a higher frame rate than Fall Guys because it's less players.


2y ago

So this pops out of nowhere and then the PEGI/ESBR rating for Bayonetta 3 pops up which truly might hint at more news there... As if Directs aren't that important anymore.

Oh well. News is news and all that but...