Spidersaurs is making its way to the Switch very soon, and it’s aiming to pay tribute to games like Contra, but without tough-as-nails gameplay. In an interview with Co-Optimus, WayForward’s Tomm Hullet spoke on the goals for Spidersaurs, and offering an entry point for the run-and-gun genre was definitely the plan.

[Difficulty] was definitely on our minds, as we hope this is a game [that] veteran Contra players might share with their children. While we definitely focused on [creating] an authentic run-and-gun experience, we did want it to be accessible. Most obviously, you have three hit points. With that, there are also health pickups that will restore you to max HP. [These] can be found throughout the level and sometimes drop from enemies. That sounds weird because it’s such a normal platformer feature, but trust me, kiddos! The run-and-guns we cavemen used to play weren’t so generous! ;)

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