Rocket League, Farming Simulator 20, Gato Roboto, and THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD have all received a new update, check out the patch notes for each game below via

Rocket League (version 2.18)


  • v2.18 prepares Rocket League for the introduction of 007’s Aston Martin DBS



  • Change to Stun Timer: If you are grabbed and then thrown by an opponent, the bar showing stun effect will no longer reset to full between the two actions
  • This change was made to make downward throws less punishing


  • Fixed a bug preventing some Wheels (Apex, Bionic, Patriarch, and ARMR) from being equipable on some licensed cars like the Nissan Skyline
  • Fixed save data uploads so they do not affect connectivity and/or in-game performance at the start of online matches for some players
  • Adjusted how Decals affect appearance of body trim on Octane so pixelation no longer occurs
  • [Knockout] Adjusted volume of impacts and shield activation in Knockout
  • [Knockout] Fixed a bug causing splitscreen players to be kicked from a Knockout match due to being idle when only one has been eliminated
  • Fixed a bug with Season 6 Rewards Decals not loading properly
  • Fixed appearance of the Season 6 Rewards Decals on the Battle Bus Car Body
  • Fixed classification of the ‘Sizzled’ Decal
  • [All Consoles] Fixed a bug preventing the car and arena grass from appearing in the main menu when a new player completes the intro event

Farming Simulator 20 (version

  • adds two new machines:

-Pottinger Faro 4010 D (Loader Wagon)

-Lindner Lintrac 130 (Tractor)

  • provides various bug fixes

Gato Roboto

  • fixes a bug that can prevent progress in the later parts of the game


  • Translation fixes
  • Fixed cheat codes showing up without unlocking
  • Added option to hide the Photo Mode overlay
  • Improved gyroscope
  • Added voice-over in credits
  • Added option for muting reload voice-over
  • Added touch support and options UI tweaks
  • Fixed the player not taking damage penalty from killing scientist when having invulnerability status
  • Fixed life-up popup not showing up when given medkit during the cutscene
  • Fixed creature sounds messing up when changing selection quickly in Bestiary
  • Fixed life bonus not being applied correctly after completing level
  • Other minor tweaks

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