There’s a not-insignificant amount of people who enjoy the ‘Christmas in July’ approach to life. While Christmas is still 6 months off, some turn to July for a bit of the holiday spirit, and also to make a few Christmas-themed purchases. Target knows this, which is why they’ve opened pre-orders for an exclusive holiday item.

Target has revealed a Pokémon Battle Figure Multipack Deluxe Holiday Calendar for 2022, and it’s priced at $70. This sucker is jam-packed with Pokémon goodies, including the following:

  • (1) 2-Inch Holiday Charmander Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Cubchoo Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Snom Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Squirtle Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Sneasel Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Psyduck Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Holiday Bulbasaur Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Sylveon Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Alcremie Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Holiday Meowth Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Mew Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Holiday Rowlet Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Vulpix Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Holiday Pichu Figure
  • (1) 2-Inch Holiday Pikachu Figure
  • (9) Chipboard Accessory

If you feel like you need one of these in your life, you can place your pre-order through this link.

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