Developer Joy Manufacturing and publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced that the romance visual-novel, Ambition: A Minuet in Power, is available for Switch. The title is normally $20, but you can get it for $15 thanks to a limited-time launch discount.

Dress to impress, gossip, and fall in love. Although, it is up to the players if they will find wealth, romance, or vengeance. Who will they seduce? And with both sides in their grasp, will they choose to aid the crown or the revolution?

In Ambition: A Minuet in Power the players’ decisions will alter the course of history. ​18th century Paris is a city of love, lies, and revolution. You are Yvette - a woman of fashion left to fend for yourself in Ville De L’amour when your fiancé Armand disappears.

​Fall in love with a sprawling cast of fully realized characters. Enjoy the company and learn the secret histories of mysterious priests, wronged soldiers, wealthy widows, and more! Discretion is key, careful application of charisma and finesse will unlock more than one path to victory!

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