Seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced that the My Nintendo Store is undergoing extended technical maintenance in select European regions. The My Nintendo Store in France, Germany, and Spain are all down, and Nintendo has stated that the shops won’t be coming back for weeks.

While new orders can’t be made during this time, Nintendo has stated that orders placed recently will be processed and shipped as planned. In other words, if you just picked up some merch or a game as late as yesterday, you’ll still get your item as confirmed via email. Outside of that, My Nintendo users will have to wait for maintenance to end before new orders can be placed.

Nintendo hasn’t elaborated on why the extended maintenance is needed, or what users can expect from the My Nintendo Store once this extended period is over.

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2y ago

I wonder what that will mean for the Xenoblade 3 Special Edition...


2y ago

Seemingly out of nowhere? The shop in germany has been down for at least two weeks probably longer.


2y ago

Hopefully it means bots wont be able to snipe the Xenoblade 3 special edition!